Mississippi Senate Declines to Take Up ESA Expansion Bill

Yesterday, the Mississippi Senate declined to take up SB 2623, which would have expanded the state’s current special needs educational savings account program to include nearly all students in the state. While the votes were likely there for passage in the upper chamber, House leaders could not count on enough support to pass this landmark […]

Mississippi Senate Committee Approves ESA Expansion

JACKSON, MS — In its first legislative step toward passage, SB 2623 was approved by the Senate Education Committee today. At the meeting, Chairman Gray Tollison cited the support of Diocese of Jackson’s Bishop Joseph R. Kopacz and Superintendent Catherine D. Cook, who wrote Mississippi legislators in support of ESA expansion on January 19. In […]

ESA Expansion Introduced in Mississippi House and Senate

Legislation to expand Mississippi’s successful Education Scholarship Accounts (ESA) has been introduced in both the state House and Senate. The new bills, Senate Bill 2623, sponsored by Sen. Gray Tollison (R-Oxford), and House Bill 1339, sponsored by Rep. Charles Busby (R-Pascagoula), will make the ESA program available to most students in Mississippi, while maintaining a […]

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