February 9, 2018

Mississippi Senate Declines to Take Up ESA Expansion Bill

Yesterday, the Mississippi Senate declined to take up SB 2623, which would have expanded the state’s current special needs educational savings account program to include nearly all students in the state. While the votes were likely there for passage in the upper chamber, House leaders could not count on enough support to pass this landmark legislation.

Catholic Education Partners was able to join the effort in Mississippi over the last couple months and make substantial strides on behalf of the Catholic community. Most notably, Diocese of Jackson Bishop Kopacz’s letter to Mississippi legislators, distributed by CEP, was recognized by Senate Education Committee Chairman Gray Tollison. Additionally, CEP staff: attended a Catholic Schools Week rally at the state Capitol; informed diocesan principals on the details of ESAs; and spoke with Catholic lawmakers in favor of expansion.

It was a productive session for raising awareness of educational choice in Mississippi, and CEP will continue its work to engage the Catholic voice in this debate.

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