July 6, 2022

Catholic Education Partners Statement on WV Hope Scholarships Decision

STILLWATER, MN— On Wednesday Kanawha Circuit Judge Joanna Tabit enjoined the implementation of the West Virginia Hope Scholarship, which was established in 2021.

More than 3,000 students have been awarded the scholarship, which could be used for education expenses this fall. The program was challenged on grounds that it violates the state constitution by diverting funding away from the public education system.

Catholic Education Partners is disappointed by the ruling, but very optimistic that this temporary injunction will be lifted by a higher court in West Virginia.

Shawn Peterson, President of Catholic Education Partners made the following statement:

“West Virginians have flocked to take advantage of Hope Scholarships because they provide just that: hope for a better future for children and families. We’re disappointed but not surprised by this lower court ruling, but are confident, as has been the outcome in other recent cases, that as this moves through the legal system students and parents will regain their proper rights and the opportunity to find educational options that best fit their needs.”

“Many families have already made plans to utilize Hope for their child’s education this coming school year. For many, this is the best, and in some cases last option, at getting the services they deem appropriate for their child. We believe the best decisions for a child’s education are left with parents, not government bureaucrats. The future of American education is parental choice, not the current Prussian Factory Model.”

Catholic Education Partners (CEP) advocates for public policies that strengthen parental empowerment over their children’s education and allow more families to benefit from a Catholic education, protect the religious integrity and autonomy of parochial schools, and ultimately serve the Common Good.


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