Rediscovering the Church’s Intellectual Tradition

Kimberly Begg, editor of Catholic School Playbook, on what happens when Catholic schools rediscover the Church’s longstanding intellectual tradition. Originally posted Nov 6, 2023. Want to watch more? Go to our YouTube Channel! Click Here!

Teaching Is Not Just Telling

Beth Sullivan, executive director of the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education, on the art of teaching children to see the world through a lens of faith and reason. Original Video was posted Nov 6, 2023.

Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Catholic Education Playbook Show! My name is Kimberly Begg and I’m excited to embark on this new adventure with my good friend and co-host, Shawn Peterson. Shawn and I are excited to bring you conversations with some of the most principled and inspirational people working in Catholic education today. We’ll be exploring […]

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