Paul Lazenby on Parents as Primary Educators

In this episode, Paul Lazenby, president of Mother of Divine Grace School, joins hosts Kimberly Begg and Shawn Peterson to discuss the significant growth in homeschooling in recent years, especially since the COVID-19 lockdowns. They explore the transformative nature of a Catholic liberal education, emphasizing its academic and spiritual benefits, and discuss varying attitudes towards […]

Anti-God, anti-male Assaults on Marriage

John Clark, author of Betrayed Without a Kiss: Defending Marriage after Years of Failed Leadership in the Church, cites pornography, the rejection of fatherhood, and feminism as the three most destructive forces in society’s war against marriage. In this clip, he addresses the perception that feminism, as advanced by feminist leaders and activists, is the […]

Fathers Matter More in Keeping Kids in the Faith

Shawn Peterson on why the involvement of fathers in their children’s education is one of the reasons homeschooling is important to the renewal of Catholic education. Originally posted November 19, 2023. Want to watch more? Go to our YouTube Channel!¬†Click Here!

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