December 17, 2020

2018 Catholic School Fast Facts

  • There are 6,429 Catholic schools in the U.S.

  • In these schools, there are 1,878,824 enrolled students.

  • Out of these students, 20.7% are racial minorities.

  • There are waiting lists for 1-in-3 Catholic schools.

  • Catholic high schools have a 99% graduation rate.

  • Of these Catholic high school graduates, 88% attend 4-year colleges.

  • The average cost-to- educate at Catholic schools is $5,847; substantially lower than the national average cost-to- educate at public schools which is $12,509.

  • Catholic schools are 20% of the non-government schools nationwide, educating 39% of the non-government school students (1.9 million).

  • Catholic schools represent 25% of the non-government schools in urban settings and teach 42% of the urban non-government school students.

  • Student populations at Catholic schools are two or three times larger than at other non-governmental schools; thus, Catholic schools have economies of scale to take on new students eligible for educational choice programs.
*Sources: National Catholic Education Association, National Center for Education Statistics

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