February 4, 2019

CEP Urges Creation of ESA in West Virginia

Catholic Education Partners joined a coalition of advocates in support of a universal education savings account program currently under debate in the state Senate. The text of the letter, dated February 4, is as follows:

Dear legislators,

On behalf of the undersigned organizations, our activists, and thousands of families in our state, we urge you to support The Comprehensive Education Reform Act, which includes the creation of an Educational Savings Account Program (ESA Program).

We believe that every child in West Virginia should have access to a high-quality education regardless of income or socioeconomic status. The Comprehensive Education Reform Act is an important step forward in achieving this goal. Under this legislation, many West Virginia students will be eligible to receive, through an ESA, a portion of their allocated per-pupil funding. Families will then be able to use the ESA to enroll their student(s) in a school that best fits their child’s unique educational needs, interests, and abilities – helping students and educators truly fulfill their potential.

By creating more educational opportunities for students, The Comprehensive Education Reform Act empowers West Virginians to innovate within the education space like never before. This legislation emphasizes the importance of individualized student-centered learning, reduces inequality for our kids, and will put our state on the forefront of educational empowerment.

Overwhelming evidence suggests that students, families, and teachers thrive when education is focused on innovation and the dignity of the individual. The Comprehensive Education Reform Act is a critical step towards achieving this goal. And, according to a poll from the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Public Policy, the majority of Mountaineers agree that expanding educational freedom will improve our education system.

West Virginia State Capitol
West Virginia State Capitol

West Virginia State Capitol

We the undersigned are proud to stand with 10 other organizations to work in support of solutions that give educators, families, and students the tools and freedom they need to succeed.

For these reasons, I ask you to join us in support of educational opportunity and vote “Yes” in support of The Comprehensive Education Reform Act.


Catholic Education Partners

Americans for Prosperity

Cardinal Institute for West Virginia

Faith Christian Academy

West Virginia Education Association

Grace Christian School

ExcelInEd in Action


The Goldwater Institute

Teays Valley Christian School

Institute for Justice

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