May 19, 2022

Catholic Education Partners Releases “The Catholic Vision of Education”

STILLWATER, MN—Shawn Peterson, President of Catholic Education Partners, today announced the release of a new booklet exploring the Catholic vision of education and its relevance to the modern family.

The Catholic Vision of Education: Leading Our Children to Christ in a Challenging Era explores and explains the original and continuing mission of Catholic education in light of the challenges facing families in the modern world.

“Catholic education’s mission remains the same as it always has been: leading children to Christ and preparing them to lead lives of virtue. What we focused on in our booklet is how Catholic schools can achieve this goal in the challenging environment kids face today,” said Shawn Peterson.

“Children are bombarded by myriad confusing messages. Catholic schools provide a Christ-centered education grounded in the traditional liberal and scientific arts. Education must lead us out of isolation, self-centeredness, and apathy, and towards virtue, wisdom, and loving union with God.” argued Peterson.

Americans are more open to allowing parents to choose whether to send their children to public or private schools, and Catholic Education Partners is helping lead the way to expanding the role of Catholic education in our nation.

CEP’s purpose is to partner with state Catholic conferences, Bishops and other clergy, Catholic school leaders and families, and other stakeholders to advance state policies that allow more families to access Catholic education, while protecting the autonomy and integrity of Catholic schools.

Download the White Paper here.


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