The Importance of Building Coalitions in the School Choice Movement

There is an old African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” History is full of examples of working together through the building of alliances and coalitions in order to achieve meaningful and lasting success, and in many cases is the key to […]

Catholic Education Uplifts Disadvantaged Communities

This blog post originally appeared on the blog for West Virginia Voices for Choices. The Roman Catholic Church has been operating non-government schools in the United States for more than two centuries. Our schools were founded to ensure the continuation of our faith, promotion of the common good in our society, and to provide disadvantaged […]

CEP Urges Creation of ESA in West Virginia

Catholic Education Partners joined a coalition of advocates in support of a universal education savings account program currently under debate in the state Senate. The text of the letter, dated February 4, is as follows: Dear legislators, On behalf of the undersigned organizations, our activists, and thousands of families in our state, we urge you […]

Mississippi Bishops Call for Expanding ESA Program

This release originally ran at Empower Mississippi, visit the site to see the full letters. In letters addressed to the legislature, the leaders of the Catholic Dioceses of Jackson and Biloxi voiced support for expanding Mississippi’s Education Scholarship Account program, which enables parents to direct their state education tax dollars to the educational setting and […]

CEP’s Christmas Wish: Educators as the Face of Parental Choice

This piece was originally published at redefinED on January 3, 2019. Wishing a new look for education choice advocates By Greg Dolan This Christmas, I am giving thanks for the recent election of so many supporters of the parental right to educational choice for their children. And if I had one wish to improve something […]

Puerto Rico Supreme Court Approves of Voucher Program

Following the devastation wrought by hurricanes nearly a year ago, the Puerto Rican legislature this spring approved a new voucher program which would empower parents to choose their child’s school. Voucher awards are capped at 3% of the total student population and the voucher amount is capped at 80% of per-pupil spending. The program was […]

Kentucky Expands State 529 Accounts to Allow K-12 Tuition

Starting July 14th, Kentucky residents will be able to use funds in their Kentucky Education Savings Plan Trust (KESPT) to pay K-12 tuition costs tax-free. KESPT is the state-run education savings program that allows parents to grow their money tax-free if it is used for K-12 tuition or higher education expenses. (source) In the December […]

Pennsylvania Budget Expands Successful Scholarship Tax Credit Program

Pennsylvania’s newly-enacted budget expanded the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program from $135 million to $160 million. It also increased the annual income eligibility level from $75,000 to $85,000. Both of these steps are important to expanding parental choice in education to more families in the Keystone State. A recent report in the Journal of […]

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